School Holiday Program (Ages 7 & under)

4 day school holiday program running during the January School Holidays.


$120.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

Our 4 day school holiday class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to skateboard safely and build up their skills confidently. Running over 2 weeks during the school holidays your ticket will include 4 x 90 minute sessions held at North Perth on both Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:30am-11:00am) or (12:30pm-2:00pm)

Throughout the 4 days, you will get to know our coaches and they will get to know you, which will help them understand the tricks you are ready to learn and help you get the most out of each session. Skateboarding becomes much easier to progress if you spend consistent time on your board rolling around developing balance and practicing new & existing skills.

This class is suitable for Beginners and Intermediates. You will be grouped with other skaters with similar skills so when making your booking please note down your appropriate skill level (First Time Beginner, Beginner or Intermediate) so we can plan the lessons to suit.

You can also note any tricks you can already do & any tricks you would like to learn. Any extra info will help us with planning.

First Time Beginners

It’s all about building up fundamental skills and self-confidence while having fun in a safe environment. Skaters will learn how to step onto their board for the first time with correct foot placement for easy and strong balance. From there you will learn the fundamentals of flat ground, pushing correctly, turning & rolling down small ramps.

Other things we touch base on: 

  • Understanding skatepark etiquette, skatepark obstacle names and what they are used for.

  • Skateboard part names, what each part does and general maintenance.

  • Stance – Goofy or Regular.

  • Stepping on your board for the first time, taking your first push correctly.

  • Proper foot positioning for strong balance.

  • How to get off your board and/or fall safely.

Beginners  (You can already push by yourself to roll around and do some basics)

In this class we will help you fine tune fundamental skills such as pushing, turning, rolling on ramps and progressing onto new skills leading towards a Drop In!

We will be checking and teaching:

  • Proper foot positioning for strong balance.

  • Pushing correctly.

  • Fundamental flat ground tricks, ollies etc.

  • Turning, Carving, Tic Tac etc.

  • Slowing down, stopping, jumping off and falling safely.

  • Ramps – Going up and down, pumping, learning to go higher, Kick Turns.

  • Drop Ins.


The intermediate lessons are perfect for skaters who can already do the basics but would like some ideas on new things to learn and help progressing to harder tricks while also refining techniques on your existing skills.

To be eligible for this class you must have good board control and be able to confidently kick turn and drop in on a ramps.

In this class we will be working on more advanced tricks such as popping ollies, rock to fakies, rock n rolls, tail skids, manuals, 5-0 slash grinds, tail stalls, 50-50s, grinds/slides and much more.